Fishbone Gasket

The Fishbone metallic gasket is a seal designed for reliability and performance, engineered as a direct replacement the Spiral wound and kammprofile gaskets but dramatically improves on these old technologies. Fishbone gasket has 10 000 times less leak rate than Spiral wound Gaskets and 100 times less than kammprofile gaskets. The innovative bone profile allows this gasket to adapt to system pressure making this the only dynamic gasket on the market. Contact us to do a test on your problem applications and see the results for yourself.

Tamar Seal 

Tamar mechanical seal can seal dry powders, solids, slurries  and harsh abrasives while running   without a leak all because it has no hard faces that can wear or fail.

NRX - Primer

Coating metal without blasting is now possible- NRX primer adheres to rust and old paints in high humidity or even damp surfaces. With NRX as your primer your top coating will adhere to the surface as well as it would on a blasted surface, saving you time and  allowing you complete jobs you could previously not do.

Wrap Seal

Repair cracked pipes that are leaking water from 20 mm up to 450 mm in under 30 minutes, even while under pressure of up to 150 psi / 10 bar. Our 3 part kit system comprises of Epoxy putty, Pipe repair tape and water activated fibreglass means you have everything you need to fix a leak quickly and permanently - perfect for home or industrial use because you can seal pipes at up to 500 psi/38 bar once fully cured.

Split seal for bearing

Our Split rotary or oil seals work exactly the same as your conventional rotary seal would however have the add benefit that they can be replaced on the equipment with out any dismantling required, this means you do not need to remove the shaft or take then equipment into the workshop to replace the seal. The benefits of this is a huge saving in time, labour and ultimately cost of production.  

Kem-tron Sealing  has selected the best products on the market to bring to our customers and we are continually improving our portfolio as we come across unique and challenging applications.

Kem-tron Sealing supplies these products

  • Fishbone gasket

  • Spiral wound gaskets

  • Sheet gaskets

  • Split rotary seals

  • Solid hydraulic and pneumatic  seals

  • Mechanical packing

  • Mechanical seals             

  • Pipe repair kits

  • Rebuilding composites

  • High density tread tape

  • Oxygen safe tread tape  

  • Lubricants

  • Greases

  • Maintenance  products                    ( chemical )

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