Disc Springs 

Disc Springs are  conical shaped washes, this design feature allows them to apply flexible preload to a bolt .Staking them in different combinations allows you to define the characteristics to suit your application. 

Benefits of  

Disc Springs 

Also Know as Belleville Washers 

  • Increased load when stacked in Parallel

  • Increased Deflection when stacked in Series

  • Combinations of Parallel and Series   

  • Subtract or add discs  to fine tune results 

  • Self Damping 

  • Long life product 

  • Improved seal 

  • Able to handle shocks and vibration 

Disc Springs stacking combinations 

Why would you use Disc Springs on your bolts ?

Disc Springs ensure you have a constant load on your flange, this is important because the preload on a bolt will relax resulting in  reduced  force on the flange that may lead to gasket failure.

Thermal cycling or changes in temperature cause metal to expand and contract also reducing the ability of the bolt to maintain a load on the flange . 

Applications with increased vibration will fatigue and damage flanges without sufficient dampening  that Disc springs can provide. 

Technical information on Disc springs 

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