Fishbone Gasket 

Fishbone gasket is the most advance and reliable gasket available in the UK and the world today.

Fishbone gasket has the lowest leak rate of any gasket ever tested and the only gasket on the market that is designed to adapt to pressure changes in your system without live loading/Disc springs .

Fishbone gasket is the only gasket you will ever need.

Fishbone gaskets is now available in the UK form Kem-tron sealing.

     Fishbone Gasket

     Benefits & Advantages

  • Internally self-energized  by fluid pressure for better sealing performance

  • Interchangeable with all spiral wound and Camprofile gaskets

  • Will not damage flange like Camprofile and spiral wound gaskets

  • Prevents over-compression of sealing element

  • Up to 1000 °C

What makes Fishbone gasket unique.

The Fishbone gasket has been designed to improve on all the design issues Spiral wound and Camprofile gaskets have, like unwinding and damaging of flanges.

The Fishbone gasket is machined out of a solid piece of metal and the flexible bones are energized by pressure, meaning the Fishbone gasket does not rely solely on axil pressure to create a seal because the bones will open when they are exposed to pressure ( activated by pressure ) allowing them to outperform all traditional gaskets without the help of disk springs. In extreme cases of thermal cycling Fishbone gasket can be used with disk springs to give you even more reliability and range for expansion and contraction.  

        Fishbone gasket product information  
Fishbone gasket catalogue

Technical Information on the Fishbone gasket 

Fishbone Gasket is available in these  types or styles 

Fishbone gasket will seal just as well in a vacuum but we also offer reversed bone Fishbone with bones facing outwards or inwards and outwards in the IEX version specially designed to seal strong   vacuums.


With IEX, Reverse bone or standard Fishbone you can seal the worst application in high pressure or strong vacuums with confidence that you have the best gasket on the market

 Vacuum applications

This video will show you some of the technical advantages Fishbone Gasket  has over Spiral wound and Kammprofile/Camprofile other than the flexible bones.

The question is why are you still using old technology like Spiral wound and Kammprofile/Camprofile when they are clearly faulty in there design ?

Fishbone Gasket is manufactured in these metals 

Standard Metal Materials:






Non-Standard Metal Materials :




310S ( 2520) 





Alloy 20 


Monel 400

Nickel 200 

Hastelloy B2 

Hastelloy C276

and more 

Fishbone Gasket Filler Materials and temperature ranges: 

Flexible Graphite         -212 to 400 °c

Hi-temp Graphite        -250 to 500 °c

PTFE                               -240 to 260 °c

ePTFE ( Expanded )      -240 to 260 °c

Mica                               -212 to 1000 °c

Fishbone flange gasket is available in all international standards:

EN 1514  EN 12560               ASME B16.20a   ANSI B 16.21           API 601       

BS 4865  BS 3381                  JPI-7S-41             JIS B2404                 DIN 2690~2692

We can all manufacture custom sizes 

Standard sizes  for Fishbone flange sizes: 


NPS ( in)  1/2" ~ 60 "    Class ( lbs): 150~2500 


DN ( mm): 10~2000     PN ( bar): 2.5~400 

Fishbone gasket can be made in in bespoke sizes also 

Applications for Fishbone gasket : 

FIshbone gasket can be used in sealing of almost any fluid or gas with the right combination of metal carrier and filler .

Typical applications for Fishbone gasket are:  

  • Flange gasket for steam 

  • Flange gasket for water hot or cold at high pressures 

  • Flange gaskets in Chemical application 

  • Flange gaskets in petroleum

  • Flange gasket for gases 

  • Pipe flange gaskets  

  • Heat exchanges end caps

  • Valves join gaskets 

  • Reaction Vessel gaskets 

  • Storage tank gaskets 

Fishbone gasket Certification & tests 

Fishbone gasket has been tested and complies and even exceeds all of the international test standards, some of the certificates and approvals are listed here . Fishbone outperforms all other gaskets on the market..

Materials Testing Institute
University of Stuttgart
Fishbone Gasket material testing
Materials Testing Institute
University of Stuttgart
Chevron Fugitive Emission Test (CFET)
Fishbone gasket Fugitive Emissions gasket test
API 6FB Fire Test Report 
Fishbone gasket API Fire test.png

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