​Mechanical Packing ​​

Our range of Mechanical packing is manufactured to the highest quality and field test to ensure that it out performs or matches the current market leading bands at a better price point , so you can get more for less and with the Castle Packing system you are ensured your packing is not contaminated, cuts are always perfectly straight, safe  and wastage is kept to a minimum    

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Speciality Packing Range  

AIGI SSP (Special Slurry Packing)

Property                            Value 

Color                                   Black

Temperature                     260°C (500°F)

PH  Range                          0 ~ 13

Speed                                15m/s (3000 Ft/min)

Pressure                            25kg/cm² (350 PSI)

Product Description

AIGI SSP Packing is braided using a mix of high carbon content carbon fibers and PTFE yarn and then finish lubricated with high quality graphite. The high temperature resistance ,strength, self-lubricating properties of high carbon fiber combined with the flexibility, chemical resistance and stuffing box conformability of PTFE fibers makes AIGI SSP the optimal choice for slurry applications in industries such as mining, pulp and paper, metals processing and power

Virtually all pumps, mixers and agitators in most slurry applications

AIGI 20 (Extremely High Temperature Packing)

Property                            Value 

Color                                   White

Temperature                     1260°C (2300°F)

PH  Range                          2 ~ 13

Pressure                            5kg/cm² (70 PSI)

Product Description

AIGI 20 Packing is braided from ceramic fiber and corrosion resistant thin metal wire. It could withstand high temperature and has excellent thermal insulation properties. It has outstanding ability to resist molten Aluminum,Chromium and other nonferrous metals. AIGI 20 Packing is an ideal extreme high temperature packing.


Hot air pipe flange, oven door, combustion chamber, boiler, chimney
door, tunnel furnace, container door, manhole cover, the flange
of high temperature, max.working temperature up to 1260°C

AIGI 260L (Tank Cover Packing)

Property                            Value 

Color                                   White

Temperature                     100°C (212°F)

PH  Range                          0 ~ 14

Product Description

AIGI 260L is designed to handle the unique sealing requirements of tank covers , lids and hatches. AIGI 260L starts with a rubber core overwrapped with a high quality PTFE film. This core is then overbraided with the non-absorbent, chemically resistant polypropylene yarn. The combination of the two gives this packing its excellent compressibility and elasticity. The flexible core is then wrapped with a double layer of high quality PTFE film. Finally, AIGI 260L is overbraided with a tough, pure PTFE filament jacket that protects the PTFE film barrier from damage.


Tank covers, hatches and lids found in marine and rail based chemical transport equipment

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