NRX Primer 

How NRX paint primer works 

NRX is an anticorrosive coating that is highly surface and environmentally tolerant , NRX creates a chemical bond with the substrate, primer or top coat forming a reinforced molecular bond resulting in excellent adhesion without all the surface preparation required with conventional coating systems.  If you can’t  sandblast your substrate  use NRX as a primer or protective coat

How NRX primer is applied 

NRX Key Features include:


  • Apply onto  rusted surfaces 

  • Apply onto  old paint 

  • Temperature range -67 °C to 200 °C

  • No sand blasting , water wash may be required

  • Dry to Touch in 30 minutes

  • Brush or spray applied

  • Apply at any humidity level

  • May be applied to damp or dry surface

  • VOC – Free and non-flammable

  • High adhesion properties.

NRX undercoating  is easy to use 

NRX can be applied to damp surfaces an in high humidity   

NRX is a water based primer so you can apply it to damp surfaces in 100% humidity without any effect on the product. NRX is a one part system so you don’t have to worry about getting ratios correct.

NRX paint primer will stop rust 

NRX Can be applied over old paint and rusted surfaces. NRX primer works by creating a chemical bond with the rust and old paint so you can apply your coating of choice over this primer. NRX has Nano technology to create strong bonds to the sub straight so you will not get under film corrosion 

NRX nano primer is easy to apply 

No sand blasting or shot blasting required only high pressure wash or mechanically clean to remove old paint and scale before applying NRX to the surface. NRX primer can be applied by brush or spray gun either air or airless. 

NRX Primer is safe to use

NRX has no solvents or VOC ( Volatile organic compounds ) so it is safe to use and does not require any special safety equipment to apply, and because you don't need to blast with sand or grit its can be applied in application where blasting is not permitted or safe to do 

If this all sounds to good to be true give us a call and put NRX to the test.  

NRX Technical information

NRX Technical Data sheet 

NRX application infomations 

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