Split rotary seals 

Split lip seals also known as split rotary seals work exactly the same as your conventional oil seal or bearing seal except they are design with a split allowing them to be install without dismantling the equipment, this allows you to quickly and easily replace worn or damaged lip seals , the result is less down time, significantly less labour costs and ultimately less cost of production.

Why would you need a split bearing or lip seal ? 

Precision engineered bearings are designed to last thousands of hours, perform at high speeds, high loads and temperatures but the bearing seals manufactured to protect these bearings are not and often will fail well before the bearings do and cause oil or grease to leak or worse allow dirt into this critical area.


Once the seals fail you have no choice but to strip the equipment and replace the seals , in many cases bearing are replaced as well  just because the equipment is open.

Split bearing seal Kem-tron sealing

Split bearings seal Benefits and Advantages

  1. Highly engineered split seals designed to meet all your requirements

  2. Easy to replace no dismantling required

  3. Custom sizes designed to fit your equipment (no modification required)

  4. High speed capability *

  5. Large or small sizes 20 to 2000 mm *   

  6. Run out of up to 2 mm *

        *Certain models

Split bearing seal features and info 

Product Catalogue 

Full Split seal catalogue 

Each with their own strengths and benefits   

AIGI split seal catalogue

How the Arrowhook split system works : 

Type: AIGI 5505Z

5505HZ Installation Guide

How to Install the AIGI 5505HZ - watch this video 

Type: AIGI 5505

5505 has a double split in two different locations (55 minutes and 5 minutes - on a clock face )  creating double the security and disrupting the leak path it is then locked in place with the specialized Arrowhook -  creating the best engineered split bearing/lip seal on the market so that the oil or grease stays in and the dirt stays out. IF the seal wears out  just take it off the shaft and put on the next one.

Type: AIGI 52S

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