Spray Shield

Spray Shield is a Flange Guard that provided a protective covers for pipe flanges that improves safety , controls and even monitor for leaks . 

Sizes:    DN 15 to DN1500

              NPS 1/2" to 60 "

  • Easy to install and quick to remove  

  • Essential item to get you to your next shut safely

  • With Unique - colorful leaking warning sign , you know when it has leaked before you open it  

Metallic spray shield

Suitable for corrosion and dangerous condition

Max. Temperature: 2000°F(1093°C)

Max. Pressure: 24Mpa

Benefits of Metallic Spray Shield

Metal spray Shields are great for high pressure or high temperature applications as they can protect your workers and equipment from leaking fluids or blow outs by covering the problem or dangerous flanges with a solid and reliable flange cover.

Metallic  spray shields can even be cladded to improve insulation.

We provided the option of an outlet on the Metallic spray shield that can be used to direct or even pipe away leaking fluids allowing you to manage your leaking flanges better

Non-metallic spray shield

Non-metallic spray shield is resistant to UV, sunlight, rain and smoke, which is available outdoors and indoors. Easy installation.

With Unique - colorful leaking warning sign


Non-metallic spray shield - HP 

High Pressure version 

Technical Data

  • Size: DN15 ~ DN1500 (NPS 1/2”~ 60”)

  • Class Rate: PN110 (Class600)

0330 113 4924

For UK wide supply 


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