U-COAT 301 - Insulating Coating 

U-COAT 301 - Insulating Coating is a spray on or brush on insulating coating comprising of silica and Ceramic beads immersed in a High-Quality Latex base with Acrylic binder. This combination of materials makes the product extremely light weight and pliable, therefore, it expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied.

U-COAT -  Key Features include:


  • Curbs Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) by adhering directly to the surface in which it is insulating.
    • Able to insulate using a thin coating compared to traditional insulations.
    • Does not require jacketing.
    • Easily repaired.
    • Ease of inspection.
    • Can be applied on surfaces up to 176°c 

     350ºF without disruption of operations.
    • Does not absorb moisture or liquids
    • Does not harbor bacteria or pests.
    • Eliminates waste
    • Ease of Application

U-Coat Technical information

U-COAT Technical Data sheet 


Overview of U-Coat 

U-Coat used to insulate against heat for energy savings or even safety purposes, This video shows you how the product performs 

U-Coat in Cold applications  

U-Coat can be used in extreme cold applications to prevent freezing this video shows a test patch that has completely stopped any freezing of the pipe 

 U-Coat Quick gun  

NO expensive equipment is required to apply U-Coat just apply with this Quick Gun directly form then U-Coat drum using 3 to 5 par air  pressure 

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